Welcoming Parishes Initiative

We invite your parish to join with us in the beginning of the HIV Welcoming Parish Initiative as we explore together our call to common life with those who may feel marginalized by the continuing stigma of HIV.

HIV, Health and Holiness: A Guide for the Episcopal Church

This document is a response to a General Convention to develop a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Offering support and guidance while encouraging a network of support.

In response to those in our church who were living with HIV/AIDS and to the growing community of those affected by AIDS - caregivers, partners, friends, and loved ones - the National Episcopal AIDS Coalition (NEAC) was formed in 1988. Today, AIDS continues to spread in spite of treatment breakthroughs. NEAC continues to provide support for HIV and AIDS ministries across the Episcopal Church in the United States.

AUGUST 25, 2014
Thirteen years ago, Kathleen Leipold took a physical because her sister, a nurse, suggested it. That's when she found out she was HIV-positive. She was put in a hospital and then a nursing home for months, seriously ill.

JULY 10, 2014
Cigarettes are especially dangerous for people who are living with HIV. The CDC campaign, "Tips from Former Smokers" features specific information and resources for smokers who are HIV+.
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Today we ask you remember and pray for Terry W.